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Information Available: Interactive planning tool, consolidated net worth summary, status of  your debt management, investment, retirement, insurance, education, tax and estate plans

Accounts Viewable: All accounts held at most institutions (automatic links available)



Information Available: Account information, online documents, portfolio management solutions and trading, market research, quotes, news, ability to change paperless document preference

Accounts Viewable: All accounts held on the Pershing platform (i.e. advisory accounts)



Information Available: Wealth reporting that includes access to consolidated holdings and performance values for both Pershing and non-Pershing accounts

Accounts Viewable: Most accounts managed through you’re Wealth Transition Advisors relationship


Our Cloud WealthMapping Framework is executed using three of the latest financial technology tools.  The combination of these tools allows our clients to:

- simplify and visualize their life's path (mapping),

- consolidate the view of all of their wealth into one secure location (RightCapital tool),

- see their overall asset allocation of their entire wealth (internal and external accounts and updated daily),

- map their goals over their current and future income, expenses, inflation and state and federal taxes (RightCapital tool),

- stress test their goals if certain outcomes were to occur (using Monte Carlo Analysis),

- provide mobile access to their account information (NetxInvestor tool) and their Cloud WealthMap (RightCapital tool),

- provide daily updated access to their investable asset's performance (Albridge Wealth Reporting tool)

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If you're ready to create a strategy for achieving your goals and to have a structured approach for managing them over time, feel free to start your wealthmap process by clicking the link below.  


RightCapital's platform transforms complexity into clarity with ease, precision, and dynamism.

A financial planning solution that makes the complex clear

RightCapital's software is built to make the financial planning process a breeze for advisors and clients. Our tools and support will help you advance your practice and grow your business. Together, we can build a clear game plan to help your clients meet their financial goals.

Real plans for real people

On a mission to challenge the stagnant financial planning solutions of the past, the dynamic Chen brothers built RightCapital from inside their garage and launched the company in 2015. Years later, RightCapital has kept it real by helping thousands of advisors grow their businesses and set up their clients for financial success. RightCapital is a positive, forward-looking team with a solution that simplifies even the most complex elements of financial planning, so anyone can understand how to plan for their future.

Prioritizing Your Goals and Optimizing Your Outcome Over Time

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